If you are more familiar and know how to use, make, and publishing the video on TikTok, then it will be easy for you to make and publish Reels videos on Instagram. The users on Instagram are allowed to create a fifteen seconds video with the help of the camera of Instagram; that feature is commonly known as Instagram Reels. All the featured music in the library for music on Instagram can be used for Reels videos. Also, the user can use their own music and audio for making Reels. Lie the feature on TikTok. If you are publishing a video with your own creation, then that music will be displayed with your username. So with your music, people can create their Reels video, but it would happen only if you have a public account. Anyone can get more comments just by  buying Instagram Reels comments. And people could share the Reels of yours if you had a public profile on Instagram. Suppose your profile is private, then your followers only to see your Reels if someone shared your Reels video. You can also mention other people in your Reels video caption. If you shared your Reels video with your Instagram story, then it only will be there for 24 hours.


When you are on a timeline, just slide to the left to going to the stories screen. There will be three different options at the bottom. They are Reels, Live, and stories. You have selected the Reels option. The Reels videos are shared with the Explore page after the creation. You can find the music which you want on Instagram’s music library if you do not have your own audio. Press just on the left-hand side of the music note and find and pick your preferred music. Instagram allows and promoted the people to select their favorite track portion, which you featured want. You can also change the slow and fast speed of the video by using the second button on the left-hand side. For changing the look of the background of your video, you can use the “Effects” button. The Effects option on Instagram brings you various types of filters by the record button. You can find the best effects that you want just by sliding through the options. When you set a timer, Reels will provide the count down from three to one. It is a great function for recording your dance video or music video without holding on the hands that timer is a  means handsfree option.

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