A unique platform that has grown for the campaign for marketing its new generation, inclusive, active, and accessible features is TikTok. TikTok app has earned popularity since its release, and it has become the world’s most downloadable apps. It had started in China quietly and humbly from a  short video sharing of the app that tagged as Douyin. In the year 2018, it just bought the app, and this to prove the turning point. This mixing got the china people to get using the app TikTok.

That the company operates still as a separate app Douyin in it is its own country. And owing to the Tiktok growing followers and popularity, the companies start to have to use Tiktok campaigns for marketing. Business managers or marketers were aware of the app and buy TikTok views as it had its targeted audience; most of the users are the age below 30, especially the ages between 12 years old and 25 years old. However, it significantly adopted and grew by many actors and celebrities that it became the name of the household. In 2018, October, it was the most downloadable app from the Google Play.

It ranked as overall third in the all over the world in 2018 November. The figure shows a high appeal. It had more than 1 billion downloads in March 2019. Over 500 million users were from all over the world use it monthly. 43% of the global TikTok users are from alone in India.  There are different ways in which marketers can use TikTok for their business purposes. But then they have to understand and know about the analytics of TikTok marketing basics. 


Users can upload their lip-sync videos to the videos with music in the TikTok platform, and it is an entertaining and exciting platform. The technically and talented influencers on further take TikTok a step and upload their videos with the real audio content. Target the  TikTok audience between the ages of 13 years old- 24 years old. The content grows as the app developed. TikTok encourages the videos with 60-second to15 seconds long story type videos. Then with the growth of the app’s popularity, the base of the fan also increases. It is not just a longer music video. Still, there are performances by the stand-up comedians, dancers, pranksters, craft funs, DIY’s, and even also the videos that shared with another one used products being. 

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