6 Top Tips To Create A Successful IGTV Channel

IGTV is an entirely new feature on Instagram; soon, it will become a popular feature. IGTV allows the users to create long engaging videos for up to one hour. People need to start an IGTV channel to upload video content on this platform. It is an independent app, entangled on the Instagram app. Marketers find it effective to use this app because they can reach out to their current audience and promote their business from a different perspective. 

If you like to add IGTV to your marketing strategy, then just creating a channel and uploading a video will not be enough to be successful on IGTV. You need to follow a few tactics to get more attention from your audience. 

Let’s get started,

Share Your IGTV Videos On Other Channel 

Share your IGTV videos on other media, while uploading a video on IGTV from there itself you can share on Facebook. Also, as a one minute preview in your Instagram profile. By doing this will maximize your engagement rate, both your views and impression will be increased. Just set up your sharing option to your Instagram profile. Remember, before posting your videos on IGTV, don’t get backward. After uploading, you can copy the video URL to Facebook and paste it as a new post. 

You can also share your IGTV video on your Instagram story. It helps your reach and brings more audience to your channel. 

Pay Attention Cover Photo Or Thumbnail 

It may sound like a cliche, but it’s the critical stuff to influence your audience to click your video. Try to pick eye-catching photos to grab the audience’s eyesight. Ensure your cover photo or thumbnail is related to your video content. Also, you can use editing tools to customize your cover photo according to your preferences. 

Avoid Loud Sounds 

Just like traditional TV, IGTV will play automatically with audio when you open the app. Imagine, what will happen, if you add loud sounds to your video. Keep in mind; your sound must not disturb your audience. It is better to mute for the first few seconds, or you can add mild or some pleasant sound to your video. 

Upload Frequently 

Consistency is more crucial to bring the audience again and again. For the sake of consistency, don’t sacrifice your quality. Creating engaging content will help you to hold your audience’s attention. If your objective is to generate engagement, then create exciting content. Moreover, IGTV views bring more engagement to your content. Through this, you can get more exposure to your channel. Timing is essential when it comes to posting; try to post when your audience is active. 

Concentrate On Titles, Description 

Like the cover image, titles and descriptions also play a significant role in attracting your audience. Don’t use lengthy titles; keep them short and sweet. Provide a neat and clear description; it must tell what your video is about, add specific hashtags, keywords, and links to your desired landing page. Both your titles and description must be gel with your video. 

Make Use Of Your Live Videos 

Using live features, you can shoot real-time videos. During your live session, not all people will get connected with you right; some may miss out. You can use the save option to save your live videos and reuse them in your IGTV. Tell your audience that you have shared your live videos on IGTV, use story, and feed posts to notify your audience. Reusing your live videos will maximize your reach and views.


To develop your IGTV channel, you can check successful IGTV channels. Try to learn from them. Well, these are the effective strategies to improve your IGTV channel. Just remember, most often, follow the trends, engage with your audience. I hope you enjoyed this article; use these tips to mark your success on IGTV. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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