Recently Instagram launched a new feature, IGTV or Instagram TV. One of the previous big updates of Instagram introduced Instagram stories to the world. It has changed the way businesses, brands, and people use Instagram for good, with over 300M everyday users. It not only changed the Instagram application, but it also captured a majority of users of Snapchat in the process. Instagram is largely the social media network for most eighteen to thirty-five years old, and Snapchat is popular among teens. 

Another huge step of Instagram is IGTV, to cover just about everything smart mobiles. IGTV is the new and latest feature of Instagram that lets users post videos between fifteen seconds and sixty seconds in length. To create IGTV videos, users are needed to create their own channel for IGTV. 

You can think of these Instagram channels as being the same as the YouTube channels. But only verified and large accounts on Instagram are only able to make sixty minutes long videos. But regular users can only make 10 minutes videos. You can buy Instagram TV views whether you are a regular, verified, or large account. One of the interesting IGTV aspects is that you need to post vertical videos. This makes a separation of Instagram Tv from YouTube and other social media video platforms that all seem to favor the viewing “ horizontal.” There are some negatives and positives that IGTV brings about. 

IGTV also has a standalone application that you can download from the app store or play store. And you can also just easily access the IGTV by clicking on the IGTV button from the Instagram application. First, ensure that you have got the latest version of Instagram. Videos posted to your Instagram story or Instagram feed can either have a horizontal orientation or vertical orientation. The aspect ratio of IGTV videos is 9:16 and is meant to be vertically viewed. Videos posted to your feed reach can be up to one minute in length, and videos posted to your Instagram story each can be up to fifteen seconds in length. But the verified and large accounts can upload videos that are up to sixty minutes in length.


Log in to your Instagram account and then click on the IGTV icon that appears in the upper right-hand side corner. Click on code > create a channel, and now you have an IGTV channel. To get more likes for your videos, receive Instagram TV likes from our services.. Automatically Instagram will pull all of your information from your Instagram follower count, profile picture, your bio, and description. Just edit it as you would edit your Instagram profile normally if you want to change anything. Instagram permits you to upload videos to Instagram Tv from your smartphone and computer. Follow the below steps to upload from your smartphone: go to IGTV channel > plus icon > choose the vertical video > next > title and description > edit cover > post.  Follow the below steps to upload from your computer: open Instagram website  > log  in >  profile page > IGTV tab > upload > video adding > post. By using the analytics feature, you can view how many views, likes, and comments and the average percentage watched. Create a high-quality quantity for the viewer’s attention.

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