Ideas To Get More Engagement Through Twitter Videos

The Twitter platform helps to share your information through tweets or videos. Videos or pictures immediately reach people better than tweets. You can tweet with videos, even your quality video content gets 10x more engagement and also can watch live videos from twitter accounts. You have the option to share what you see and send a direct message to their videos. 

Four-way to share videos on twitters

  • Record
  • Import
  • Upload
  • Go live

Record – Use a camera icon and hold to record your videos, then you can edit and share your present moments. 

Import – If you use a twitter account on your mobile phone, you can import videos from the device. 

Upload – You can upload more videos from twitter websites.

Go Live – Also, you can use the live option to make live videos to your followers. 

Video limits for your twitter

It would be best if you kept some rules to post your videos on twitter. Let us see:

  • Video resolution is from 32×32 to 1920×1200
  • Ration is 1:2.39 – 2.39:1
  • The maximum frame rate is 40 fps.
  • The maximum bite rate is 25Mbps.

Even your mobile software supports MP4 and MOV file format only and on the web support MP4 with AAC audio format. Your videos should be only 2 minutes and 20 seconds or less in length, and the file size is up to 512MB. Twitter provides some tips that are:

Short and simple videos

Everyone can use these features to grab users’ attention quickly. You can increase up to 13 percent of video metrics when you try to convey your message within the first 30 seconds or buy Twitter views cheap to get a bulk amount of engagement. You can move your tweets fast when you add short videos with your tweets. Your video content must be less than 20 seconds and within 100 characters to make brand awareness. 

Post product videos

Users always love to see brand videos with products because it makes trust belong to followers. You can increase positive vibes up to 24 percent and get 34 percent click intent when you start product videos. Hundred percent sure that these videos are related to your brand advertisements, but your focus only on people’s attention. It helps to connect new audiences too, and each human interacts with the product. You should analyze their needs first; 40 percent of human responses from those who desire product videos. Three useful key elements to twitter videos; there are product, usage, and story. Twitter says, your first communication video content is very much a must to brand improvement. Your half of the video should be displaying your brands that increase your brand recall; the rest of the parts increasing your message recall. 

Use visual content

Experts say your brand logo should be in your video frame to get users’ engagement—the correct place to fix your logo in your video in the upper left or upper right. You can reach brand recall when you add your videos clearly, and your dynamic logo makes more attention from customers. Twitter advises using the sound-off option to increase longer view time. Why? All the time, users cannot see the video with sounds because most people have mobile phones to use twitter.

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