How To Increase TikTok Followers (Organically)- 5 Handy Tips

Trying to grow your followers rate on TikTok?

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TikTok is the most favored social media app that has more than 800 million active users. It is a great place to spot potential audiences and to create a community for your brand. Growing your follower’s rate is the first step to accomplish your goal completely. Building your followers rate is not a big task, but you need to follow certain tips. Even with the help of organic traffic and engagement, you can increase your follower’s rate. 

Let’s get started,

Find Out Your Target Audience 

Finding your target audience is the first and foremost step on all social media, TikTok is not exceptional. One of the common mistakes of TikTok marketers is they failed to target their target audience. If you find your target audience, it’s easy for you to compete with your competition. It helps to build loyal followers. 

Knowing your target audience is crucial because only with that you can enhance your account. Also, it will take your account to the next level. 

Keep Your Eyes On Trends & Challenges 

Keep your eyes on current trends and challenges, as it helps to make your own way around this platform. Did you know? 35 % of TikTok users are taking part in challenges. And nearly 16% of content on this platform is related to them. This shows, viral and challenges are how important on TikTok. Either you can integrate your business on trending topics or create your own challenges. It helps to attract TikTok fans and expand your reach. As soon as you spot trending videos, start recreating them according to your style. You can find viral videos on the “discovery page.” 

Publish User-Generated Content 

User-generated content is one of the effective ways to create the biggest attraction. Did you know, almost half of the TikTok users post their own video. You can offer your audience a chance to participate in your campaign to generate user-generated content.

You can host many UGC events and competitions to encourage your audience to share their videos. Sure they will post in their feed in front of their followers. It helps to create awareness for your channel. By the way, you can provide social proof about business. Moreover, you can ask your customers to submit testimonials or reviews about your product. 

Interact With Other TikTokers 

Your audience engagement is the key to success on the TikTok platform. First of all, you need to interact with your exciting followers and other related brands. Suppose you engage with another business account and influencer post via commenting or responding. By doing, so will get noticed by many new audiences. On the other hand, it shows that you have an interest in that content. 

Invest Time On Hashtags Research 

Invest your time to research hashtags. Find out which type of hashtags are being used by your target audience. Make sure your hashtags find it easy to discover your content. Remember, a hashtag’s popularity will keep on changing regularly. Within a night, the new hashtags become more popular. Moreover, if you use the same hashtags on every post, it may look like spam. 

Keep updated yourself with trending hashtags regularly. You can also use popular hashtags to gain traction. 


If your objective is to maximize your follower’s rate, then engage with your audience and other relevant accounts. Remember to post regularly, stay on top of the current trend. Plan your content according to your audience’s interest. Sure, this article helps you to gain more followers rate on TikTok. 


A unique platform that has grown for the campaign for marketing its new generation, inclusive, active, and accessible features is TikTok. TikTok app has earned popularity since its release, and it has become the world’s most downloadable apps. It had started in China quietly and humbly from a  short video sharing of the app that tagged as Douyin. In the year 2018, it just bought the app, and this to prove the turning point. This mixing got the china people to get using the app TikTok.

That the company operates still as a separate app Douyin in it is its own country. And owing to the Tiktok growing followers and popularity, the companies start to have to use Tiktok campaigns for marketing. Business managers or marketers were aware of the app and buy TikTok views as it had its targeted audience; most of the users are the age below 30, especially the ages between 12 years old and 25 years old. However, it significantly adopted and grew by many actors and celebrities that it became the name of the household. In 2018, October, it was the most downloadable app from the Google Play.

It ranked as overall third in the all over the world in 2018 November. The figure shows a high appeal. It had more than 1 billion downloads in March 2019. Over 500 million users were from all over the world use it monthly. 43% of the global TikTok users are from alone in India.  There are different ways in which marketers can use TikTok for their business purposes. But then they have to understand and know about the analytics of TikTok marketing basics. 


Users can upload their lip-sync videos to the videos with music in the TikTok platform, and it is an entertaining and exciting platform. The technically and talented influencers on further take TikTok a step and upload their videos with the real audio content. Target the  TikTok audience between the ages of 13 years old- 24 years old. The content grows as the app developed. TikTok encourages the videos with 60-second to15 seconds long story type videos. Then with the growth of the app’s popularity, the base of the fan also increases. It is not just a longer music video. Still, there are performances by the stand-up comedians, dancers, pranksters, craft funs, DIY’s, and even also the videos that shared with another one used products being. 


It isn’t straightforward to become famous on the internet. Sometimes, or maybe going viral happens. A machine learning social platform for video from china is known as TikTok. The TikTok found infinite numbers of chances for the way to get viral, and it is like you have not seen before. The culmination of all social media and social content platforms is TikTok. It is leading up today. Comedy, dancing, trends, intimacy, and heavy emphasis on music in the form of short videos are TikTok. It is a mobile-first app. You can explore hashtags, browse popular videos, and follow people on TikTok. 


Everything revolves around teeth “sound” on TikTok. Short clips of audio are known as sounds, and the audio must usually be between 15 to 60 seconds long. They are range from music to shows in television to conversations clips, that are overspread on the TikTok video top. Buy TikTok likes and popular your content on TikTok easily. You want to choose the sound if you are going to take or record the TikTok video.

You can dance, lip-sync, or further choreograph your video to the beats and words of the sound by holding down the record button of the TikTok app. and you can pause the recording and sound of the video and then record or take different shots with continuity. But make sure that you are correctly synced to the sound by holding the record button. Ther people can create their version on TikTok sound if it goes viral because of someone. 


  1.  Do filming yourself a specific dance to the song you want.
  2. For telling a joke to your audience, shoot the short video of you by using the song clip.
  3. All jokes are specific to the video creator, although everyone follows the same joke format for telling jokes.
  4. Tell something about yourself on TikTok by shooting the short video by using a song clip. 
  5. Every one of the videos is different, but the format is the same.

Everyone strived to create their unique content on social media now. Your news feed will display different videos of the people you follow, but in TikTok, everyone uses the same content for video creation, but the person only differs. The content is being changed by the person. Post new different TikTok videos between 1 – 2 times a day. Create your content. 

Can I Get Shadowbanned When I Buy TikTok views?

Nope, not any user who buys TikTok views or likes can be shadowbanned by its authority. When TikTok has developed as a popular social media, it is obvious that the authority would work a little harder to polish its security systems, T & C and many other things. Shadowbanned is one of the things which has been recently developed by the TikTok authority. A shadowbanned is processed to stop likes and views on your videos. When your account gets shadowbanned, your contents would not reach your followers. 

So, the main reason for adding this feature is to stop the copyright uploading on TikTok which is increasing day by day. Not only TikTok follows this process, but social media like YouTube, Instagram, etc. are also on the list. However, a user has to make sure that shadowbanned is not applied when someone buy TikTok views or likes. It is just a process to stop plagiarism on TikTok. 

Some Reasons to Get Shadowbanned:

  • When a user uses a hack with some ordinary software that violates the T & C of TikTok.
  • There are many people who are addicted to TikTok and spending most of their time on it. But, TikTok has a limit to use. So, exceeding daily/hourly quota can also cause a shadowbanned.
  • A broken or disrepute hashtags also cause a shadowbanned because these hashtags spread some illegal or violated contents against the T & C of TikTok. 
  • Many users get reported regularly because of some unnecessary content which use to spread moral conflict. So, it is also an important reason for shadowbanning. 

How to Know Your Account is Shadowbanned?

  • Your videos would not get views and likes. It is because your videos would stop reaching your views.
  • Your older videos also would be disappeared for any new user. To check it, take an account that does not follow you. Search your account and you would get your result. 
  • There is also some software that detects that your account is shadowbanned or not. 

How to Remove Shadowbanned from Your Account?

  • Reduce your daily activity. Try to post some videos in 3 days or in a week.
  • Remove the ordinary and unnecessary hashtags from your older posts. 
  • Try to place your hashtags in the caption box. It allows your post to appear cleaner and more concise.

So, the particular article has discussed almost everything related to shadowbanned on TikTok in brief. If you are a regular TikTok user, remember the above-mentioned ideas to escape from the process of shadowbanned.