Instagram can look like a simple social media platform, where you can post videos and pictures and get likes and comments. But Instagram is a much more robust platform. Many businesses use this platform to expand their profile reach massively, and most of the people earn on Instagram. These people are known as Instagram influencers. And one of the most important things to become a successful Instagram influencer is by getting to know the out and in of this incredible social media platform. 

First, we have Instagram posts, and these can be one or more things, either a single image or a group of pictures in a carousel or slideshow or a video. 


The most common found on Instagram is image posts, with 95M photos being uploaded each day. Photos were required to be square previously, but that is no longer the case. Now you can upload horizontal/landscape images with an aspect ratio of 16:9, portrait/vertical photos with an aspect ratio of 4:5, and then anything in between.

Click on the plus icon at the middle and bottom of your screen once you are in the application, then choose which photo from the gallery you want and select “next” at the top right of your screen. Next step, you can add a filter by scrolling through the given options. Once you are satisfied with the photo, you can choose the “next” option once again. On the final screen, you can tag others in the picture, include a location and caption, and you can share your post on Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook if you wish, and those social media accounts are already connected. And if you do not want any comments for the post, you can disable them by using “advanced options. “And share your images by selecting the “share” option in the top right corner.


These are the preset or already set changes that are made to your photos and stories. Filters can be used to get a detailed look at your images and stories. But Instagram images are without a filter. You can adjust the intensity of Instagram filters by double-tapping on filters. If you like the effect, you can use it. Make your stories with your favorite image with different filters and buy auto Instagram likes, so you can get more likes for your image.


The caption is nothing but a description of your image. You can include hashtags, links to other profiles, include emoticons, including texts. You can add up to 30 hashtags in your post’s caption, and it will help you to increase the possibility of your content being found among your competitors. You can link to another profile by using their username “@username.” That user will get a notification of you mentioning them in your Instagram post.


Locations are nothing but geo-locations; this is the location where the image was taken.


By tagging someone by using their username “@username,” Instagram users will get a notification, and the photo will be visible in the section “tagged” of their profiles. You can also remove the tag if anyone tagged you in their posts.

Sharing on Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook:

Once you are connected to a Tumblr account, Twitter account, or Facebook account, you can select to share the images onto those social media platforms at the same time.


The multiple Instagram image posts can be known as multiple image posts, slideshows, or carousel posts. By swiping sideways, you can see various videos and photos.


Recently Instagram launched a new feature, IGTV or Instagram TV. One of the previous big updates of Instagram introduced Instagram stories to the world. It has changed the way businesses, brands, and people use Instagram for good, with over 300M everyday users. It not only changed the Instagram application, but it also captured a majority of users of Snapchat in the process. Instagram is largely the social media network for most eighteen to thirty-five years old, and Snapchat is popular among teens. 

Another huge step of Instagram is IGTV, to cover just about everything smart mobiles. IGTV is the new and latest feature of Instagram that lets users post videos between fifteen seconds and sixty seconds in length. To create IGTV videos, users are needed to create their own channel for IGTV. 

You can think of these Instagram channels as being the same as the YouTube channels. But only verified and large accounts on Instagram are only able to make sixty minutes long videos. But regular users can only make 10 minutes videos. You can buy Instagram TV views whether you are a regular, verified, or large account. One of the interesting IGTV aspects is that you need to post vertical videos. This makes a separation of Instagram Tv from YouTube and other social media video platforms that all seem to favor the viewing “ horizontal.” There are some negatives and positives that IGTV brings about. 

IGTV also has a standalone application that you can download from the app store or play store. And you can also just easily access the IGTV by clicking on the IGTV button from the Instagram application. First, ensure that you have got the latest version of Instagram. Videos posted to your Instagram story or Instagram feed can either have a horizontal orientation or vertical orientation. The aspect ratio of IGTV videos is 9:16 and is meant to be vertically viewed. Videos posted to your feed reach can be up to one minute in length, and videos posted to your Instagram story each can be up to fifteen seconds in length. But the verified and large accounts can upload videos that are up to sixty minutes in length.


Log in to your Instagram account and then click on the IGTV icon that appears in the upper right-hand side corner. Click on code > create a channel, and now you have an IGTV channel. To get more likes for your videos, receive Instagram TV likes from our services.. Automatically Instagram will pull all of your information from your Instagram follower count, profile picture, your bio, and description. Just edit it as you would edit your Instagram profile normally if you want to change anything. Instagram permits you to upload videos to Instagram Tv from your smartphone and computer. Follow the below steps to upload from your smartphone: go to IGTV channel > plus icon > choose the vertical video > next > title and description > edit cover > post.  Follow the below steps to upload from your computer: open Instagram website  > log  in >  profile page > IGTV tab > upload > video adding > post. By using the analytics feature, you can view how many views, likes, and comments and the average percentage watched. Create a high-quality quantity for the viewer’s attention.

How To Create Instagram Reels To Enhance Your Business


Instagram’s parent company Facebook attempted to make its own Musical.ly app in 2016 but failed to acquire ownership. Instead,  Chinese company owned the company and renamed it as  TikTok. After that, the popular Instagram introduced the new features “Reels” in August 2020. It is available in more than 50 countries around the world.

Reels enables users to create shareable short form videos 15-30 seconds multi clip videos and it also has editing features such as music, efforts, GIFs, stickers and emojis. These things are embellishing your video even better. Marketers use this feature to highlight their product since Instagram launched Reels. 

How To Create Your First Instagram Reels?

Creating Reel is very easy if you follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Instagram app and tap the camera. 
  2. You will notice three options such as Stories, IGTV and Reels. You are going to create the video on Reels. So, Choose Reels Tab.
  3. There are options to edit background audio, AR effects, set timer, playback speed. Consider using these for contents to be attractive.
  4. To record your Reels video or you already have video content in your phone’s library upload it and preview it. You don’t like your work, delete it and retry from the first step. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.
  5. To add our Reel related stickers, emojis and Gifs.
  6. Add captions, hashtags and cover photos.
  7. You are happy with your Reel video. Then, tap share.

Why should You Use Instagram Reels For Your Business?

 You can share your video in the explore page. Marketers mostly use explore pages to promote a new product, highlight their product and build brand awareness. According to statistics that more than 70% of users are eager to follow at least one brand on Instagram. Do you want them to follow your brand too? So, you use Instagram Reels and grow your business.

Tips & Hacks For Getting More Likes

Your content should provide authentic brand information along with fun and entertainment and all that is what the audience expects from your video. Interaction is an important part to build massive engagement. Asking them interesting questions and encourage them to post user generated content are quick ways that promote social media growth.With more people posting reel videos to stories, you can visit https://www.planyourgram.com/product/buy-instagram-reels-likes/ to get even higher engagement and increased visibility for your business. Psychologically users click to watch videos that have more likes. Also people tend to like and share those videos without any second thought. 


Reels is a powerful tool to garner more new audiences and create brand awareness. Instagram updates its algorithm to encourage users to create attractive videos which helps to  boost engagement rate, get more likes and connect with a massive audience. So, without any second thought, you can promote your product on Instagram Reels. By using the above tips and hacks for your business, enhance your marketing strategy and become a popular person on Instagram. 

6 Top Tips To Create A Successful IGTV Channel

IGTV is an entirely new feature on Instagram; soon, it will become a popular feature. IGTV allows the users to create long engaging videos for up to one hour. People need to start an IGTV channel to upload video content on this platform. It is an independent app, entangled on the Instagram app. Marketers find it effective to use this app because they can reach out to their current audience and promote their business from a different perspective. 

If you like to add IGTV to your marketing strategy, then just creating a channel and uploading a video will not be enough to be successful on IGTV. You need to follow a few tactics to get more attention from your audience. 

Let’s get started,

Share Your IGTV Videos On Other Channel 

Share your IGTV videos on other media, while uploading a video on IGTV from there itself you can share on Facebook. Also, as a one minute preview in your Instagram profile. By doing this will maximize your engagement rate, both your views and impression will be increased. Just set up your sharing option to your Instagram profile. Remember, before posting your videos on IGTV, don’t get backward. After uploading, you can copy the video URL to Facebook and paste it as a new post. 

You can also share your IGTV video on your Instagram story. It helps your reach and brings more audience to your channel. 

Pay Attention Cover Photo Or Thumbnail 

It may sound like a cliche, but it’s the critical stuff to influence your audience to click your video. Try to pick eye-catching photos to grab the audience’s eyesight. Ensure your cover photo or thumbnail is related to your video content. Also, you can use editing tools to customize your cover photo according to your preferences. 

Avoid Loud Sounds 

Just like traditional TV, IGTV will play automatically with audio when you open the app. Imagine, what will happen, if you add loud sounds to your video. Keep in mind; your sound must not disturb your audience. It is better to mute for the first few seconds, or you can add mild or some pleasant sound to your video. 

Upload Frequently 

Consistency is more crucial to bring the audience again and again. For the sake of consistency, don’t sacrifice your quality. Creating engaging content will help you to hold your audience’s attention. If your objective is to generate engagement, then create exciting content. Moreover, IGTV views bring more engagement to your content. Through this, you can get more exposure to your channel. Timing is essential when it comes to posting; try to post when your audience is active. 

Concentrate On Titles, Description 

Like the cover image, titles and descriptions also play a significant role in attracting your audience. Don’t use lengthy titles; keep them short and sweet. Provide a neat and clear description; it must tell what your video is about, add specific hashtags, keywords, and links to your desired landing page. Both your titles and description must be gel with your video. 

Make Use Of Your Live Videos 

Using live features, you can shoot real-time videos. During your live session, not all people will get connected with you right; some may miss out. You can use the save option to save your live videos and reuse them in your IGTV. Tell your audience that you have shared your live videos on IGTV, use story, and feed posts to notify your audience. Reusing your live videos will maximize your reach and views.


To develop your IGTV channel, you can check successful IGTV channels. Try to learn from them. Well, these are the effective strategies to improve your IGTV channel. Just remember, most often, follow the trends, engage with your audience. I hope you enjoyed this article; use these tips to mark your success on IGTV. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.


If you are more familiar and know how to use, make, and publishing the video on TikTok, then it will be easy for you to make and publish Reels videos on Instagram. The users on Instagram are allowed to create a fifteen seconds video with the help of the camera of Instagram; that feature is commonly known as Instagram Reels. All the featured music in the library for music on Instagram can be used for Reels videos. Also, the user can use their own music and audio for making Reels. Lie the feature on TikTok. If you are publishing a video with your own creation, then that music will be displayed with your username. So with your music, people can create their Reels video, but it would happen only if you have a public account. Anyone can get more comments just by  buying Instagram Reels comments. And people could share the Reels of yours if you had a public profile on Instagram. Suppose your profile is private, then your followers only to see your Reels if someone shared your Reels video. You can also mention other people in your Reels video caption. If you shared your Reels video with your Instagram story, then it only will be there for 24 hours.


When you are on a timeline, just slide to the left to going to the stories screen. There will be three different options at the bottom. They are Reels, Live, and stories. You have selected the Reels option. The Reels videos are shared with the Explore page after the creation. You can find the music which you want on Instagram’s music library if you do not have your own audio. Press just on the left-hand side of the music note and find and pick your preferred music. Instagram allows and promoted the people to select their favorite track portion, which you featured want. You can also change the slow and fast speed of the video by using the second button on the left-hand side. For changing the look of the background of your video, you can use the “Effects” button. The Effects option on Instagram brings you various types of filters by the record button. You can find the best effects that you want just by sliding through the options. When you set a timer, Reels will provide the count down from three to one. It is a great function for recording your dance video or music video without holding on the hands that timer is a  means handsfree option.

What are the benefits of buying views for your Instagram stories?

Social media has a significant influence on the mindsets of the people as it has been observed in the reports the more than 120 million in the world are active users on websites such as Instagram. And advance in technology and modernization has to lead the adoption of these social sites such as Instagram and Facebook as the tool of advertising. There are various websites that you can use to buy Instagram views to attract more and more people on your application.

The following are the advantages of buying views for your Instagram account.

If you are buying the views for your Instagram stories for the first time, make sure that it is not an easy task as you have to manage the various activities on your Instagram account. When you buy Instagram story views, you have to manage the posts in the way that genuine users are always attracted to the excellent posts which will manage the traffic on your website.

And the other best thing about the buy real Instagram story views is that you should have the best skills to manage the posts and uploading the best content on your instagram stories as if you have paid money to buy instagram story views you are advised to have the regular updates related your products and services on the instagram as people are attracted to those accounts which have the regular regarding their features.

The best thing about increased view on your instagram stories is that you might get some permanent clients for your company as in this modern era most of the people are interested and influenced by the traffic on your instagram page.

Buy Instagram Story Views And Enjoy The Incredible Benefits Given Here

There is a great craze of Instagram among the people as it has amazing features that no other social media website ever had. There are not a few but billions of users of Instagram across the globe. Instagram became popular in a very short period of time as it is greatly liked by youngsters. The main reason behind its popularity is the amazing degree of safety and privacy of data that is provided by Instagram. Instagram is being popular and increasing the reach to the people over social media, and therefore, the things that matter the most are the likes and views.

It is next to impossible to increase the views on your stories on Instagram, and therefore, you may need to buy IG Story Views to increase the reach of your account to the public. There are other ways too for increasing the views on your Instagram stories, but those are not as reliable as buying them from the trusted vendor.

What are the benefits?

When we talk about the benefits of buying Instagram story views from third parties, there are not a few but plenty of them. If you are the one who has been looking forward to increasing the views on your story by buying them, it is important to know the benefits. Here are some of the incredible benefits of buying the Instagram story views.

Boosts up your profile

There are some amazing things on Instagram that are for the accounts that are very popular over there, and one of the easiest ways to increase the popularity of your account is to boost your account. When you Buy Instagram Story Views, you get the increased audience on your story, and therefore, your profile gets boosted up

Increase public reach

Another benefit of buying Instagram stories is getting more and more people on your profile. When there are more and more views on your stories over Instagram and that too from new people, your account gets to reach more and more people. By increasing the reach, you get to influence more people with your idea, and you can reach them faster and conveniently.

Conclusive words

You are now enlightened of the important benefits of buying the Instagram story views with the above-given points. If you want to enjoy the above-given advantages, prefer evaluating all the factors and then choosing the right vendor to Buy Instagram Story Views.

Facts To go through about buying Instagram Story Views

You might be familiar with all the social media applications available on the internet in this modern world. But Instagram is considered the most preferred website among the individuals because it offers the full range of features that you can ever desire on the other social media sites. The best thing is that it is very easy to operate Instagram, and you do not require any special knowledge to access Instagram. Instagram is mainly considered the platform for those who want to become popular in eth very less period of time.

 The story is one of the most interesting features of Instagram. In this, you can upload your activities, which will appear on your profile for 24 hours. The viewers will have access to these stories, and if they get influenced by your stories, they will become the regular viewer for your stories and will also suggest accessing your stories to their close one.

The following are the points that must be included by you.

  1. This also one of the best things about the decision when you are planning to boost up the viewers on your Instagram stories. The only complication is that you must have the ability to manage the viewers for a long time as one of the Instagram profiles the viewers wipe away because they are bored with your content.
  2. And the amazing thing is that when you buy Instagram story views, you will be offered a variety of viewers from different regions of the world. If you are successive in managing the viewers on your profile, it is sure that you will look at the top of their minds till the last.
  3. The best thing about theincreased view on your Instagram stories is that you might get some permanent clients for your company as in this modern era, most of the people are interested and influenced by the traffic on your Instagram page.
  4. If you are buying views for your Instagram stories for the first time, make sure that it is not an easy task as you have to manage the various activities on your Instagram account. When you buy Instagram story views, you have to manage the posts in the way that genuine users are always attracted to the excellent posts which will manage the traffic on your website.

Few impressive attributes of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most amazing applications existing in the Playstore and Apple store, which is proved very entertaining and beneficial for the general public. It requires some basic knowledge of operating applications, but only in the beginning. Then it becomes easy for the user to manage Instagram and use its features. Instagram has a wide variety of features available in it. Along with having numerous filters and editing effects, it has some other variants too. It has options such as uploading stories, location mapping, verification badge, story highlights, etc.

What is so special about the IGTV feature? 

In the prior period, when Instagram was newly launched, since then, there was no specific feature for making your posts for stable for an extended period, more than 24 hours. But on public demand, IGTV was introduced in June 2018. IGTV is a separate application that is available on Instagram that can be connected through your Instagram account already logged in your smart phone. People have the advantage of buying IGTV views too. An IGTV also has some filter effects, and it enables the user to upload a more prolonged video up to 60 minutes. The users became so satisfied and joyous when this feature came up

Some more unusual features of Instagram IGTV: 

  1. You can connect your account of Instagram logged in your smartphone with the IGTV app that you have installed.
  2. You can upload a maximum of 60 minutes long video through IGTV application. But previously, it was possible to upload only a 59-second video. The users were not content with this feature before.
  3. The user can also buy IGTV views by paying expert search engine optimizers. The influencers trending on Instagram follow this rule for getting a higher reach of their page in limited time. 
  4. There is now the new highlights option available in Instagram that enables the Instagram users to keep their uploaded story for a comparatively more extended period. The story has now an option of saving them as highlights that shows on the top of the profile of the user .
  5. There is also an option of location mapping that exists on Instagram that makes the user able to mention his current location by doing his GPS on his smartphone
  6. One other option that is there on Instagram is that you can keep your account private as well as public.

What Is The Importance Of Instagram For Business Owners?

Instagram’s world is one of the largest social media platforms, and it has plenty of users. Talking about fame and popularity, Instagram can make you achieve both of these things. There are plenty of features that make Instagram different and incredible from others.When it comes to the use for business, the parameters of Instagram our way bigger than you can ever think, there are a lot of ways in which Instagram can be beneficial for a business owner.

When you are a business owner, Instagram comes handy in plenty of ways for you, and some of them are the usual ones like advertisement and promotional purposes. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we are going to tell you the things in which Instagram is beneficial for business purposes. If you are a business owner, the below-given information will be highly beneficial for you, and you can use it for increasing the reach of your business as well as to make your business to reach heights of success.

Increases customer base

When a business owner wants to increase business over the off-line platforms, the region remains limited to the customers. On the other hand, when your page business decides to grow with online platforms, the business can get grown to unlimited parameters. There are no boundaries that can stop your business over the internet. You can buy Ig impressions as it can also help you a great deal to grow your business over the internet.

Increases Awareness among people

And there are a lot of brands that are working for the welfare of people as well as for the motive of making a profit. This kind of business needs to increase awareness among the people regarding their products and services and About how it is going to benefit them. In such cases, awareness must be created among them and for this, Instagram is very helpful. Buy Instagram impressions to get the best in this regard as it can make single or multiple persons are made to see your post and profile many times, and they get aware of this.

The final verdict

The above-given points are some of the most important things that Instagram can do for your business. If you are also a business owner and want to make your business touch heights of success, you should prefer buying Instagram impressions and get most of its benefits.