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June 3rd, 2017

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Sun Porch Furniture Ideas

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When summer comes, the place that will be the coziest place in your house is sun porch. You don’t need to have direct contact with sunshine, but you can still feel the warmth of it in your sun porch. A sun porch gives you and your family the turn to enjoy an outdoor living room. You can do family game at night or just relax in here. Make it a comfortable, welcoming place with the right sun porch furniture.

One of the most familiar sun porch furniture materials is wicker, because it can withstand moisture and can easily be cleaned. Wicker chairs and loveseats can be set with a thick cushion for comfort. There are also wicker and wrought iron end tables and coffee tables. Make it sure that the frame is forecast resistant, such as aluminum with a baked-on finish. If the area is protected, there are bamboo settings are porch-suitable.

Another most popular sun porch furniture material is wood. You can choose the weather-resistant woods, such as cypress, teak, or redwood. They require little upkeep and don’t need staining or preservative coatings. Treated wood is decay resistant and may have a greenish-brown color. You can paint, stain, or leave it naturally and protect with a clear water-resistant finish. Other wood should be treated with a moisture-resistant preservative, either clear or pigmented.

You can decorate your sun porch furniture with real live flowers and plants to make your sun porch looks natural and beautiful with such a natural colors and natural situation. Also you can furnish your sun porch with comfortable sun porch cabinets, such as loveseat, table, chair set, etc. and a smooth color palette. You can also set wooden swing as one of your sun porch furniture, so that you kids can also enjoy playing in the sun porch.

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