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June 6th, 2017

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Minimalist Residence In Ottawa Canada

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Urban concept is a minimalist decoration that is fastly get the land around the world. With a clean and good explain outline some of the sleek furnishings. The minimalist trend that is fast becoming an indispensable part of contemporary design. The Zen Barn Residence in Ottawa Canada is home fizzy designs that take less is more serious. Designed by Canadian architect Christopher Simmonds companies, house spread over 3,100 square meters and an interesting mix of rustic and modern.

From the outside, the warehouse Zen looks sufficient much love the other houses in the neighborhood with a rough and rugged white oak cladding. In fact, the exterior is in stark contrast to the bright and shining interior is clad in neutral tones. A white, gray and brown color scheme carried across the house flows to bring a contemporary look. Breaking the visual monotony of this is a brilliant red accents that have been carefully placed to dispel blindness.

The interior follows the open living plan with living room, dining room and kitchen that make up the lower level of the house. A lovely ladder made in steel and glass railings exercise leads to a higher level that houses four bedrooms and a shared bathroom with the family area. Big glass windows from floor to the ceiling offering pretty view even when they cause flooding of natural ambient light.

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