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June 8th, 2017

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Glass House is Based on a Simple System of Stacking Blocks

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Glass House is Based on a Simple System of Stacking Blocks – The Glass House which was designed by NAF Architect and Design is situated in Hiroshima, Japan, is base on a basic an orderly pile system of concrete blocks every size of 1.0 m x 1.0 m x 1.5m. The substantial is ordered one on top of the other like easy structure blocks, answering in a strange building which features various degrees of wavelike motion design.

Excess mill cement is quickly recycled in Hiroshima rather than dumped, and as this origin of block can be created at every standard cement mill in the zone, this choice of substantial construction is a cheap one, even though rather time restricting the building of this house calculated completely on the operation condition of the encircling mills as well as the gait at which these blocks could be achieved.

In order to raise the blocks using crane, a groove was slice on the top of the blocks, and when the blocks were orderly pile in vertical manner this groove also became an area to slot rewarding steel rods to give earthquake immunity. Sheet glass walls have been set up to shape the weatherproof border of the living quarters.

The building seems frigid and industrial at first, but the design is to plant various vines of many flowers along the rough gray blocks that will metamorphose the building into a hill of panorama as well as natural beauty in next several years.

Volume of orderly piled large concrete blocks is far too tremendous as a construction of a building, and the shade is far from regular. The construction also has a role of expanse of scenery which commands wind, light as well as green; leading these elements interior and providing independent to the interior area that surpass the shape of established architecture.

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