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June 3rd, 2017

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Dining Area Design from Camille Style

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French-born Camille Ferrand’s job as an illustrator meant that she didn’t just need a home to live in. But also a place of inspiration from which to work. Her mix of textiles as well as objets art collected from her travels over the years also required a studio space.’ But it was important that it wasn’t too clinical with stark.’ she says.’ I wanted a warm and cosy look.’ When Camille bought her West London dining area design house it was a simple two-up, two-down in a desperate state. ‘It was very 1970s, complete with brown paint plus shabby walls,’ she recalls. ‘I could see that the place had potential, but I also  knew I’d need support from an architect.’ So Camille hired Gus Alexander to raise her vision, because he’d recently worked on a friend’s house that she had long admired.

The brief I Camille gave me was to open up the house to allow in as much light as possible, preserve its character, among with create an extra bedroom in  the attic.” Gus explains. To maximise the potential of the ground-floor space, he opened up all of the dining rooms design and built an extension that leads out onto decking in the garden.

After toying with several options, Camille chose to place the kitchen between the dining room and sitting room, retaining an open feel to the house. The dining area design is where I often work.’ explains Camille.’ I love to look out onto the garden, which has matured beautifully considering it was just  a patch of mud when I bought it.’ So Gusset about designing a kitchen that would work in the centre of the house. I le separated the cooking space from the utility area, making the divide deliberately visible with two different types of work surfaces.

For Camille one of the great regrets was that she couldn’t refuse the original parquet flooring. ‘There had been a leak at some time and parts of it  were ruined.’ she explains. I nstead. Gus suggested that she lay oak flooring throughout the ground floor to give a sense of continuity, except for the wall, where tiles were used. In addition, a new oak staircase leads up from the second floor to a guest bedroom in the attic.

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